Rabbit, Rabbit

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I am such an emotional, nostalgic sap. The idea that this was shot at the famous PUNKS WITH PRESSES warehouse in OAK in 1994 dares me to stew in sadness that this analog life we all lived, where documentation was afterthought to most and personal interaction and being in the moment was everything, has forever passed. Why Rabbit, Rabbit? Well that can be found here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rabbit_rabbit_rabbit

On the trip planning front, a couple of interesting developments. My 21 year old brother recently went to NYC with his mother and he had an eye-opening experience that really prompted his desire to travel more and see the world. He’s been relatively sheltered, hunkered down here in Southern California and he suddenly has an appetite to see more. His enthusiasm for the trip is palpable. I am excited for him.

Apparently my other younger brother is less prepared/excited for the trip. That’s a whole blog post on it’s own. I’ll address that in the future.

All three of them have done the process of getting passports, which is otherwise very encouraging. In the vein of vanity, I am currently growing out my beard and debating what to do with my hair, so I am putting off taking a passport photo until next year. Silly, I know.

My position on the “pessimistic over my other (full, 38 yo) brother going” scale has jumped up considerably lately. More on that later as well.

My dad also committed (sort of, his version of commitment is ostensibly divergent from mine) to book flights around the first of the year. My going first and booking my one-way ticket into Europe was supposed to spurn them, but my dad in his decidedly and purposefully irritating humor told me “well at least YOU are going to Europe then!”

Yeah dad, real funny.