Writing everyday brings fresh challenges

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But we’re going to try it anyway.

Just returned from the East Coast a couple of days ago. I spent 10 days out there with friends, colleagues, and acquaitances investigating and enjoying many things in the greater DMV area (including, in this case, West Virginia) and New York City. The start of the trip focused around my friends in Virginia. We ended up doing some fun family-oriented things- the movies, custom donuts, chasing the dogs, tossing a lacrosse ball around, injuring myself on a jog- and then, yes, going to the race track to bet on ponies. DC proper was the middle portion of the adventure, which was work for the most part, but at the tail end included some excellent food and seeing Red Fang and Dinosaur Jr. It also featured a chest infection that made things like walking up stairs nearly intolerable.

Finally on Saturday morning I woke early and picked up a train to New York City for a couple of days. I was able to attend the Van Gogh Cypresses Exhibit at The Met which is spectactular, however the rampant use of mobile phones to take pictures of things like Starry Night, as opposed to looking at them with your own eyes and taking it in, is nauseating. In an effort to maintain writing daily, a rant about that is likely forthcoming. I also saw Young Picasso in Paris which was perhaps a little less riveting (and heralded, for that matter). In the evening I enjoyed a performance of Toros at the 2nd Stage Theater which was quite fun.

The next day I was able to spend some time with a long-time internet friend, Pat Smith from CODA Skateboards a great dude who has run one of my favorite small skateboard companies and was a skateboarder who I really liked to watch skate back in the day.

Thats the roundup of the trip. This is shortish, because it was spur of the moment and I am just now thinking about how I can write every day. I hope doing it today and making a habit subsequently occurs.