The Trip is Routed (final version w/ my bonus travel), My Brother Might Still Go? And…a Playlist.

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I’ve never seen a playlist title complete with corresponding content that could possibly define me better. Especially these days.

The trip is essentially routed, and all flights are booked (!!). If you’d asked me two months ago if we’d be at Easter with this much progress and without all the customary hand-wringing, I’d have scoffed, but here it is:

I leave LAX on 6/23, land in London 6/24. On the evening of 6/25 I meet my Dad and brothers in Edinburgh, Scotland

We are then in Scotland until Tuesday, 6/28. That morning we head back to London via train. A few people on this trip (namely, my two young brothers and my Dad) are hard-up to explore…London. This trip is all about my Dad so I am happy, to some degree, to acquiesce that request. I am not particularly fond of London, but seeing it through the eyes of people who have never been might be quite fun and bring some life back to it for me. The morning of 7/1 we take the Chunnel to Paris and are there until 7/4 when we fly to Zurich. In Zurich we will really be moving on to do some mountaineering related things for my Dad on or around the Iger. On 7/7 my Dad and brothers all fly back to Los Angeles from Zurich. Within 45 minutes of their flight, I move on to Philadelphia and then Montreal. I will be there until July 10th, when I fly back that night to California.

The trip is starting to feel very tangible. I am having irregular dreams about it as of late. A quick run down of things I am most excited about are as follows:

  • Potentially seeing Chas in London
  • Stopping in Liverpool on the way down from Scotland to do a tour of Anfield
  • Seeing my friend Scott in Paris
  • Paris, broadly, especially with my Dad
  • I’ve yet to go to Edinburgh and Zurich.
  • Montreal has a ton of cool things, the running list I have for places to eat and explore near my apartment is long.

Here is the other thing I am quite excited about. I saw my Dad today. He and one of my younger brothers came over today to help with something and he dropped that my brother Adam, who I had real concerns about going, may now be able to join us and it looks promising. He has some hurdles to get through to get his passport, but it seems that if that can get sorted, he will be there with us. I am elated. I really wanted the experience of doing this with Adam.

So much of our lives are intertwined and the levy that holds in the regret we both carry with regards to our Mother is at it’s maximum. I don’t want to replicate it with our Dad. Fingers crossed, I will get to do the Scotland – Zurich portions of this trip with Adam.