Who Gets COVID Twice in the Same Month?

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This loser. Last month I came down with Delta on or around 12/20, effectively ruining Christmas. Now I’ve had Omicron for the last 5-7 days. Great.

The chaos of the now hasn’t changed anything about a trip to Europe in June. If anything, this might be the best case scenario to ensure the trip happens (and as mentioned before, I am going either way).

It has definitely tripped up any getting together for planning sessions. There isn’t much to report (or record?) on that front.

In the meantime, I’m close to symptom free and I was scheduled to fly to Colorado on Monday for a week of snowboarding with a friend of mine. Instead I’ve canceled my flight and will be driving there solo, doing a bit of a self-reflective Vision Quest type of thing. I may write here daily about the trip. We’ll see.