Life’s a bit of a mess at the moment…

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My ambitions to keep this blog updated on our European trip have been stymied by a number of factors. Primarily that there’s been no movement and my Dad has been wringing his hands (it’s understandable) over all of it. I haven’t even started the passport process yet because I am not sure what’s happening, but at this point we are only four months out, so some decisions need to be made.

We were supposed to meet last Thursday for lunch, and then…then I was in a major car wreck just a mile from my house. The important thing is that I am typing this, therefore I must be at the very least alive (and it wasn’t my fault), but the situation is a mess and will continue to be for some time. Just today alone there will be multiple conversations with attorneys and doctor’s visits. It’s not rad. Not rad at all.

Wedged into all of that, my Dad has signaled he is ready to get serious, and is coming over today to discuss. The schedule, locations, etc all remain the same for what he wants to accomplish, so hopefully in the next week we will start to have some rooms and intercontinental flights booked, as well as trains. From day one I’ve said that I am going to Europe either way – my flight’s already booked – but my Dad said a day or two ago he realizes how much he will regret it if he doesn’t make this happen. Glad that’s crystalized for him.

More later on Europe, but less about the collision (I refuse to call it an accident due to its nature), owing mostly to the likelihood of prolonged investigation and litigation.