(for all intents and purposes) Europe is a GO.

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Dad came over for lunch yesterday and confirmed, almost at the behest of his wife’s urging, that the trip to Europe is a go. He told me if he didn’t confirm it himself, his wife would do it for him. I am going out of town myself this coming weekend but it is already on my TDL next week to start the process for a new passport (I haven’t been overseas in 15 years, wow) and on Saturday or Sunday next week going to my dad’s to do real planning and booking. Here’s a preliminary itinerary:

6/24FridayLAX > London
6/26SundayLondon > Scotland
6/29WednesdayScotland > Bern
6/30ThursdayBern > KS
7/1FridayKS > Bern
7/2SaturdayBern > Paris
7/5TuesdayParis > London
7/7ThursdayLondon > LAX
7/7ThursdayLondon > Spain or NYC or MTL
7/8FridaySpain or NYC or MTL
7/9SaturdaySpain or NYC or MTL
7/10SundaySpain or NYC or MTL > California

It’s a bit off here, because I am actually arriving in London a day ahead of everyone. I have friends that live in Cornwall and south of London meeting me to skate at a park that we all were at together 15 years ago. Also as the lead organizer of this trip I want to get things sorted and on the right track.

Also I am staying out and about a few extra days. Originally my plan was MTL, or perhaps NYC. A “soft landing” back into North America sounds pretty good at the moment – giving me a couple of adjustment days before heading back to California and heading back to work. Being realistic with my age (I will be 46 when the trip takes place) means having a pragmatic scope of what I am capable of. But part of me is also presently obsessed with the Basque country in Spain, and seeing the Guggenheim museum in Bilbao.

I’ve been emailing with a friend in Paris, Scott from the Podcast and he is excited to reconnect and hang out as well.

The countdown has really started now. It’s actually happening and I am almost shocked after everything over the last few months. It’s going to be here quickly. More soon.